Knit Patterns

Knit Pattern Ideas

MICRO SKEIN SET: 46 yards x 24 = 1,104 yards + contrast skein (black) of 400 yards = about 1,500 yds total

MINI SKEIN SET: 92 yards x 24 = 2,208 yards + contrast skein (black) of 400 yards = about 2,600 yds total

Preview these knitted patterns at their individual Ravelry links below or in this combined Ravelry Collection

Colorful wrap displayed on manequin with bold black zigzag stripes with lacey gradient colors inbetween

ADVENTuresome Wrap
by Ambah O’Brien
1,350-1,360 yards

Colorful striped wrap with eyelet pattern and bold stripes inbetween

ADVENTuring Scarf, Cowl & Wrap
by Ambah O’Brien
400-1,589 yards

Woven-looking colorful wrap draped around person's body

Seeing is Believing
by Martha Wissing
750-1,125 yards

Blanket made of colorful mitered squares. Ravelry page also shows a version with black framing on each square

End-less Squares Blanket
by Simone Kereit
1,344-7,056 yards

Triangular shaped shawl made up of smaler colorful triangles with tassels on each side. Shawl being held up by person with shawl covering most of their body

Calico Quilt Shawl
by Samantha Trola
1,000-2,000 yards

Scarf wrapped around torso with brick-like texture of dark yarn with colorful squares or bricks inbetween

Painting Bricks Scarf
by Stephen West
830-1,300 yards

large half circle shawl opened out being held by balding bearded white person looking to left; the shawl has dark vertical and horizontal lines framing multiple colors

Painting Bricks Shawl
by Stephen West
1,320-1,400 yards

curving wrapped small scarf/shawl with jade colored wide border and stripes inbetween changing colors worn by smiling bearded black person in golden yellow shirt

by Stephen West
610 yards

up close view of shawl with 3 horizontal panels made up of arrow like shapes or chevrons in multiple colors. Held outstretched by white person with grey short hair with snow in background

Earth, Wind & Fire Shawl
by Susanne Sommer
2,005 yards (MINI only)

Large shawl draped over mannequin in outside setting with bold black curvy lines inbetween rows of brioche ribbed sections of different colors ribbed with black

Field of Flowers Wrap
by Leela Frankcombe
1531-1,969 yards (MINI only; need 2nd contrast skein)

up close image of textured vertical longways striping colorful scarf

Mini Mania Scarf
by Sara Core
225-2,000 yards

up close image of cowl wrapped around mannequin with black leather jacket. Cowl has bold zigzag stripes with black lines juxtaposed against different color lines

Mini Mazy
by Rachel Molenaar
800 yards

Image of fringed striped shawl swaddled on ground like a neck cowl with fringe out of the stripes of color in the shawl

Shortest Day Shawl
by Cristina Gordon
1,740-2,088 yards (MNI only)

Image of young white person with short hair and beard looking to side wearing a sholder shaping shawl with triangular lines emerging from elbow and lengthing as each triangle stripe gets larger; colorful stripes interspersed with dark/black color

by Josh Ryks-Robinsky
600 yards

Image of white person with short hair and glasses looking forward wearing a wrap scrunched around their neck with big sections of color bordered by black stripes

Winter Wonder Wrap
by Sally-Jane Cameron
1,422-2,182 yards

Image of backside of triangular shawl being worn by white person with short hair and hands on hips; wide stripes broken up by narrow stripes in different colors and textures

Pieces of My Heart Shawl
by Gabrielle Vezina
400-2,000 yards

Image of white person with short dark hair standing in woods wearing half circular shawl that wraps around in lovely arcs with slices that go vertically from top to bottom with wide bands of color and different colored lace edging

Waxing Moon Shawl
by Emily O-Brien
1,104-2,208 yards

Image of cowl hanging vertically that is light grey background with multiple rows of little colorful squares interspersed by colorful stripes

Brubeck Cowl
by sowhynot
800-1,000 yards

Scrunched cowl around neck of top of mannequin with section of thinner stripes and one of wider stripes

Ring of Rings Cowl
by Lisa R. Meyers
980 yards

Image on white background of long rectangular shawl with horizontal curvy stripes of lighter color interspersed with wider bands of multiple colors

Lamina Cowl & Wrap
by Ambah O-Brien
630-1,260 yards