Creativity Box 2023

Creativity Box 2023

Welcome to Purl’s 2023 Holiday Yarn Box of Creativity!

The pages linked through the buttons on this page were created for subscribers of the 2023 Creativity Box.

The Pattern Ideas page offers links to suggested patterns in knit and crochet for your Mini or Micro yarns (along with the accompanying skein of black yarn).

The date buttons above are broken into 4 groups (Dec. 1-6; Dec. 7-12; Dec. 13-18; and Dec. 19-24). Each button takes you to a page with links to each daily “surprise package” within that grouping and include further information, links, resources, inspirations, etc. related to that day’s Creativity package and invitations to creativity.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t open an individual date on one of the 4 group pages unless you are ready to see information related to that day’s package!

The Yarn Page (button above) shares about the thinking and process behind the colorways and transformation over the 24 days. The landing page does not have any images but there is a link to a Spoiler page with images of all the yarns.

The Creativity Blog is a place where you can post pictures and notes about what you are doing, thinking, and making in relation to your Creativity Box. You can set your posts to be “public” (visible on the web, rest of subscribers/users of the Creativity Box can see, and also we might share via social media) or “private” (only we and other subscribers/ users can see) or “Password protected” (only we can see). You can choose differently for each individual post/sharing you make.

You will receive an email via WordPress initiating your access and password creation for the Blog page. Contact us if you don’t receive or are having issues.