Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pattern Ideas

MICRO SKEIN SET: 46 yards x 24 = 1,104 yards + contrast skein (black) of 400 yards = about 1,500 yds total

MINI SKEIN SET: 92 yards x 24 = 2,208 yards + contrast skein (black) of 400 yards = about 2,600 yds total

Preview these crocheted patterns at their individual Ravelry links below or in this combined Ravelry Collection

Image of thick zig zag striped shawl wrapped around hanger. Stripes go horizontally alternating colors

Getting Ziggy
by Sandra Paul
800-874 yards

Image of person wearing long lengthwise vertical colorful striped scarf with fringe standing by window with red pot of tea and cup of mysterious hot beverage

Mini Stripes Wrap
by Dana Rae Makes
1,250-1,300 yards

Image of narrow horizontal zigzag striped scarf with wide bands of color broken up by lighter narrow stripes fo color on background with sheep drawings

Mrs. Lamb’s Advent Shawl
by Lisa Browell
1,203 yards

Image of large wrap draped over bondy with wide bands of zig zaging stripes broken up with smaller stripes and different lacey textures

by Deanne Ramsay
1,137-2,231 yards

Image of blond-haired person in short sleeved shirt wearing shawl around neck like a bandana. Piece has horizontal stripes with textures

Venture Shawl
by Melissa Fisher
1,200 yards

Image of colorful grannysquare triangular shawl hanging on mannequin body. Square are different colors with flower-like central shape. In other Ravelry images the squares are framed by black or white

Mini Mochi Flower Garden
by Gail Tanquary
1,500-1,530 yards

Image of triangular shawl draped on fence with tall grasses in background. Shawl has strong thin black lines creating multi-triangle shapes covering shawl with different shade stripes across

Windmill Shawl
by Esme Crick
1312-1640 yards

Image of light-brown skinned person with dark brown curly shoulder length hair smiling wearing a white drapey blouse and holding up a pink doughnut. The large shawl/bandana around their neck has multiple color stripes coming to piont in front with long fringe

It’s All About the Donuts
by Karen Wooley
1,464 yards

Image of shawl/wrap around neck of mannequin top with curvy lantern-like shaped granny squares in multiple colors

Mystical Lanterns
by Jane Crowfoot
1,196-1,494 yards

Closeup of lacey large medallion/flower motifs in shawl with fringe

Milkweed Leaf Shawl
by Briana K. Designs
1,900-2,000 yards (MINI only)

Image of light-brown skinned person in dark tank-top and leggings standing outside and holding long rectangular shawl with horizontal colorful stripes with lighter color stripes inbetween

Mini Skein Delight
by Jeananne Atthowe
1,135 yards

Image of white colored fabric mannequin torso with long cowl with large bands of color in zig-zag shapes with one longer section of a dark color

Yona Cowl
by Charlotte Lee
950 yards