Holiday 2019-20 Windows

Holiday 2019-20 Windows

In 2019, Asheville’s downtown holiday parade and window theme was “Peace on Earth.” We can’t really imagine any semblance of “peace” on our troubled earth without thinking about the need for trusting in the reality of climate change and the value of science. So our holiday windows celebrate Science.

Dr. Knit & Prof. Purrl’s SCIENCE RESOLUTIONS for 2020 (as posted in the display)

1. Don’t just look to the stars or screens for science. Science is happening ALL around you!

2. Encourage all children to be curious, to wonder, and to question. And don’t punish them when they are. Curiosity, wonder, and inquisitiveness are at the root of human creativity & scientific discovery.

3. Teach someone to knit or crochet. Mathematics and spatial skills built right in! Creativity is a key component of all forms of discovery!

5. Invest in STEAM education for all: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics

7. Work to dismantle White Supremacy, Patriarchy, & Capitalism which are baked in to Scientific Culture & Academia. Then ALL may truly benefit from the gifts of Science and Discovery.

4. Encourage a girl to see herself as a future scientist, engineer, or mathematician.

6. Listen to, Support, and Follow Young People who are wise enough to Believe in Climate Change & Help them DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

8. Peace on Earth is only possible when people work together to craft a more sustainable & equitable future for all.