Dec 21

December 21

illustrator • quilter
food grower & honey bee tender

Molly describes themself as a “white non-binary queer illustrator, food grower, honey bee tender and a seeker of mysticism.” They are also an amazing artist of inspiring images that seek to visualize and celebrate an imagined future of connection, accountability, collective wellness and abundance. Molly wants to make “images that foster radical imagination and [help] us shape our emergent future.” Molly works in collage, printmaking, and some quilting. All their pieces have a colorful graphic quality and most include written messages intended to inspire and challenge.

Molly is interested in a slower existence that allows time not only to play with materials and create art, but tend to gardens, and build community.

Image of colorful collage with dark blue starry background. In foreground an oliveskinned red-headed artist with green hanging earrings, flower short-sleeved top, purple vest, and eyes closed is drawing on paper. Pieces of artwork flow upward from the table flying up over their head with figures on the artwork coming off the page and flying outward into the night sky. There is a tall stalk with multiple pink blossoms standing next to the artist
Art for Community: Radical Imagination, Molly Costello

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Invitation to Creativity

Much of Molly’s work is focused on re-imaginging the future with art-making that lifts a mirror to the seeds for that future that are found in the here and now: creative and welcoming spaces and actions, sustainable, resilient and nurturing community-making.

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and longest night. It can be extremely hard these days to see the light in the midst of all the darkness, to see a positive future in the midst of a world filled with much hate, fearmongering, and greed.

Through whatever media you prefer, create an image (or series of images) that reflect the good and creative you see in the world that inspires you about the future. Share on the blog (if you feel comfortable) so we may all feel some much-needed creative light.