Crafting a Better World

Graphics drawn by Rik from our “Crafting a Better World” (in the midst of a pandemic) series. These accompany Elizabeth’s mini meaning-making from crafting videos. Click images to go to Elizabeth’s blog to find the text/video related to the graphic.

silhouettes of tools left to right: garden spade, compass, crochet hook, pliers, and spoon. On far left is ball of yarn made of words that is unraveling across the tools reading: "craft something to keep you busy while you grieve or plot" and bold words above and below: "Stay Home & Craft"
silhouette of several tools including a tape measure, drill, sander, and flashlight. Instead of a measuring tape, words are being "pulled" out of the tape measure: "we get limited in our vision when we limit our tools." Above and below are bolded words "Stay Home & Tool Up"
silhouette of knitting needle tips with words forming purled stitches of fabric "do what you are taught and then do the opposite" with above and below large bold words; "Stay Home and Purl!"
the word knit backwards formed by the words: "to tink is to knit backwards..." With words above: "Hello we're still in a pandemic here! STAY HOME & TINK!"
silhouette of needle tip coming in from right with yarn formed from words creating looped cast on stitches: "we must be prepared to begin again and again" with bold phrase above and below: "Stay Home & Cast On!"
Silhouette of knitting needle tips with knitted stitches formed by words cascading down: "start with the basics," "build new skills," "keep at it." With bold words above and below reading "Stay Home & Knit!"
Silhouette of crochet hook with words forming chained stitches: "to make connections," "your story, my story, her story, their story, his story..." Above and below are words "Stay Home & Chain!"
words above image: "Hello! We're still in a Pandemic here! Stay Home & Frog" with words taking the shape of knitted stitches that are being unwound : "Rip it Rip it Rip it... Sometimes we must dismantle before we can rebuild."
words form shape of hat: "our yarns or stories form a kind of pattern..." Leaning in from right is a written out pattern (1. Cast on...2. etc.) with bold words above and below: Stay Home & Look at Patterns"
Silhouette of two knitting needle tips crossing each other with words forming looped stitches that are being knitted together: "not mine over yours or yours over mine...knitted together we find our mutual interest." Bold words above and below reading "Stay Home & K2tog!"
Spool of thread with thread made of words including an arc of thread words "a good mend makes the cloth stronger" which feeds through the eye of a darning needle. Above and below the drawing are the words: "Stay Home and Mend!"