Stitch Groups

Stitch Groups

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of Vaccination/Booster status AND face coverings required at all IN PERSON stitch groups at Purl’s. Thank you for your consideration and intention.

Wednesday Morning Stitch Group
(in person)

This large and friendly group has been meeting at Purl’s for many years, but is definitely welcoming of newcomers and all levels of stitchers (knit and crochet). Some participants often arrange to go somewhere for lunch afterwards. The store is open during this group. At this time, face coverings and proof of vaccination & boosters required to participate.

Thursday Night Stitch Group (still Virtual)

Our weekly evening stitch group is open to knitters and crocheters (and we’ve had a few spinners, too). Members of this welcoming group have presently opted to continue meeting virtually via Zoom. Find Zoom link info here.

Sunday Evening Nerd Night Stitch & View (hybrid)

Nerd Night is now IN PERSON with virtual option. We are in the middle of Star Trek Discovery season 3 (which will be followed by season 4). Folks can join us IN PERSON at the store (6-8pm) with proof of vax/booster. Or join us via Zoom: Zoom link info here.

“Stitch ‘n Bitch” groups have become very popular in recent years, but they are definitely not a new phenomenon. People have been gathering together and knitting, crocheting, and doing all kinds of crafts in community for generations. There’s just  nothing like gathering regularly with others to share in your craft and in your experiences. Even virtually: many of us found great comfort and support through virtual stitch groups during the pandemic.

Purl’s offers several opportunities for gathering in crafty community. Bring a project to work on (but not your most complicated as conversations can be entertaining, emotional, and wonderfully distracting!).

Community Guidelines

At Purl’s, we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person (but not every behavior).

Our stitch groups are a space of community. Let’s ask each other for names and pronouns and get to know one another. (Please do not make assumptions about anyone’s identity, gender, or any other preferences based on your own experience).

We will respect each other’s physical space and lived experiences. We won’t tolerate support for bigotry, inequality, intolerance, or hate.