Prof. Purrrl’s Class List

Prof. Purrl’s Class List

Choose from our signature list of classes to expand your skills and expertise. We can usually schedule these on Thursdays between 10am and 8pm. Other days may be available by request. (Times are estimates, $12/half hour of class).To register or to ask questions, call or email the store.

YARN 101: Overwhelmed? Learn about different fibers and yarn styles, reading labels, how yarn choice impacts your project, etc.
(2 hrs, $48 per student)

SURVIVAL SKILLS: Fix your own mistakes! Learn to read your stitches; pick up a dropped stitch; flip a stitch; frog; tink; put in a lifeline.
(1 hr, $24 per student)

RAVELRY 101: Learn the basics of Ravelry, including setting up your queue and stash, but especially focusing on use of Pattern and Yarn search functions.
(1 hr, $24 per student)

PATTERN READING 101: Gain skills in following a pattern, including how to translate the alphabet soup; tricks of the trade in using available tools to support your pattern reading, etc.  
(1 hr, $24 per student)

GRAFTING & SEAMING: learn how to put your seams together nicely. Bring a project you need to seam or a couple swatches that you can practice seaming on; darning needle, yarn that matches swatch/project.
(1 hr, $24 per student)

GOT GAUGE? Understand the importance of and skills needed in gaining recommended gauge for knitting, and get practice measuring.
(1 1/2 hours, $36 per student)

SPECIAL CAST ONS & BIND OFFS: learn some specialized cast ons and bindoffs and the benefits, purposes for using each. Bring yarn and needles. (1 hr, $24 per student)

MAGIC LOOP: learn the basics of the awesome magic loop technique; Prerequisite: ability to knit in the round.
Materials Needed: Bring 32″ or longer circular needle and yarn.
(1/2 hr, $12 per student)