Choose Your Own Adventure Classes

Choose Your Own Adventures

Grab a stitchin’ friend and Choose Your Own Adventure from our list of Purl’s Scout classes (don’t need to be a member to take classes): Level One, Rocket Scientist & Sock Knitting classes! Most of these classes are geared towards knitters, though the Yarn 101, Ravelry 101, and Pattern Reading classes can be geared towards crocheters. If there is a special crochet technique you’d like to learn, please make a request and/or sign up for a Stitch Doctor!

  • Level One Classes are $10 (free to Purl’s Scouts);
  • Other classes are $20 ($10 to Purl’s Scouts) – unless otherwise stated (as with Yarn Dyeing class).
  • Class must be scheduled a week in advance.
  • Minimum 2 students needed for class.
  • For schedule of Choose Your Own Adventure class slots, see calendar.
  • To register or to ask questions, call or email the store.
  • Descriptions can be found below.

Level One Classes

YARN 101: Gain a basic understanding of the differences between fibers and weights of yarn, reading yarn labels, how yarn choice can impact your project, etc.  

SURVIVAL SKILLS: learn to read your stitches; how to pick up a dropped stitch; flipping a stitch; frogging; tinking; putting in a lifeline, etc.    

GOT GAUGE? Learn the importance of and skills needed in gaining recommended gauge for a knitting project. 

PATTERN READING 101: Gain skills in following a pattern, including how to translate the alphabet soup; tricks of the trade in using available tools to support your pattern reading, etc.   

RAVELRY 101: Learn the basics of Ravelry, including setting up your queue and stash, but especially focusing on use of Pattern and Yarn search functions.

Sock Ninja Classes

TOE UP SOCK CLASS: Starting socks at the toe helps you maximize length and customize fit. You can do them two at a time to avoid Single Sock Syndrome. And you won’t have to worry about the Kitchener stitch! So many reasons to try this class … soon you’ll be knitting socks faster than you can give them away.
Materials to buy (at Purl’s): 100-150 g skein of sock yarn and size 2 circular needles (47 inches), stitch holder or size 2 (or smaller) DPNs.
Prerequisite: students MUST know magic loop method

SOCK CLINIC: Just want to have some support at whatever point you are in knitting a sock? Request a Sock Clinic.

SPECIAL SOCK TOPICS: Don’t see what you want to learn in relation to sock knitting? Reach out and let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

SOCK CAST ONS: Learn how to cast on from the toe up or the cuff down.  

SOCK HEEL CLINIC: Work a short-row heel going toe up or top down!  

Rocket Scientist Classes

MAGIC LOOP: learn the basics of the awesome magic loop technique; Prerequisite: ability to knit in the round. Materials Needed: Bring 32″ or longer circular needle and yarn

GRAFTING & SEAMING: learn how to put your seams together nicely. Bring a project you need to seam or a couple swatches that you can practice seaming on; darning needle, yarn that matches swatch/project.

CABLE KNITTING 101: learn the basics of cable knitting, crossing some stitches over others. Bring yarn and needles; cable needle also needed (or can purchase at shop)

CABLE KNITTING 201: learn more intricate cable techniques.
Prerequisite: Cable 101 class or comparable experience.Bring yarn and needles.

ENTRELAC: Learn this very awesome modular knitting technique that makes a woven-looking fabric! Bring yarn and needles

LACE KNITTING 101: learn the basics of lace knitting: making holes and reading charts. Bring yarn and needles

LACE KNITTING 201: Explore more lace techniques.
Prerequisite: Lace Knitting 101 Bring yarn and needles.

ZIPPERS & BUTTON HOLES: learn how to nicely hide a zipper and some options for button holes. Talk to instructor about materials needed/prep for class.

YARN DYEING: play with color as you dye a skein of yarn! This class costs $35 ($17.50 for Purl’s scouts). $10 for additional skein (regardless of scout status)

SPECIAL CAST ONS & BIND OFFS: learn some specialized cast ons and bindoffs and the benefits, purposes for using each. Bring yarn and needles.

MORE SPECIAL CAST ONS & BIND OFFS: learn more specialized cast ons and bindoffs and the benefits, purposes for using each. Bring yarn and needles.

INTARSIA: learn the art of making pictures in your knitting (one-sided, worked flat). Bring 2 or more colors of yarn in same weight and appropriate needles (straight or 24″ or longer circ)

INTRO TO STRANDED: learn basics of stranding colors together in your knitting (worked one-sided in the round). Bring 2 or more colors of yarn in same weight and 16″ circular needle (or 32″ or longer and do magic loop if know)

COLORWORK KNITTING 201: learn more about colorwork, Intarsia, and double knitting practices. Bring 2 or more colors of yarn in same weight and different kinds of needles to work with (in size to go with yarn)

SHORT ROWS & WRAPS: learn how and why to use short rows/wraps (a great shaping technique every knitter should know). Bring yarn and needles

DOUBLE KNITTING: learn the basics of double knitting (two-color reversible knitting). Bring 2 yarns of same size and appropriate needle (straight or 24″ or longer).

STEEKS: learn how to create steeks in your knitting so you can knit cardigans in the round! Talk to instructor about materials needed/prep for class.

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