Mask Requirement

Statement on Continuing Mask Requirement

** update 7/29/22
We are still requiring masks in the store and do not foresee that changing any time soon with the levels of community spread. We want to be able to stay open and providing you the opportunity to love on the yarn in person. We can only do that by not getting covid. Thank you for your understanding.

Statement from co-owners, Rik & Elizabeth Schell, Feb. 25, 2022

We’ve seen the new CDC Community Levels guidelines that place Buncombe County in the “Medium” range. For the time being, we’re going to continue to ask all customers to wear masks for the following reasons:

* While our region is yellow on the map, we’re surrounded by huge swaths of red. Many of our visitors come from these high-level areas.

* Guidelines tell all people with symptoms or postive tests or exposures to wear masks, but we can’t tell who these people are.

* Our hospitals may have plenty of capacity, but we still don’t want to get sick (long Covid is real, and doesn’t require an extreme case).

* Local cases are still as high as they were at the peak of the Delta spike. Just because they are coming down doesn’t mean they are low.

* We can’t afford to get sick and have to close the store for a week or more.

* Does no one remember last summer when everyone stopped wearing masks and then cases immediately started peaking again?

If transmission rates return to the sorts of low levels we saw during the early summer of 2021, we may consider letting fully vaccinated and boosted individuals (who show proof) to shop and visit unmasked. We don’t want to be inhospitable, but we want to be able to stay open, stay healthy, and keep supplying you with yarn, help, and classes.